Tickets and Prices

Here you find prices on tickets for visiting the Indoor pool in Kildeskovshallen.

Tickets (including soap for bath and entrance):

Be aware for following!:

*All 10-tour cards is valid 2 years from the date of purchase. To avoid errors a 10-tour card can be used for only one entrance and exit, before you can use you ticket again. Is there any doubt. Then ask the Ticket office for help and further explanation.
Monthly and Season pass is personal and can only be used once pr. Day.

Season 2023* 

Baby (0-1 year) + Adult

Entrance 72 kr
10-tour card* 560 kr
Monthly pass 582 kr
Baby together with at ticket:  
Supplement for baby 18 kr 

Childe (2-15 years):

Entrance 30 kr

10-tour card * 230 kr
Monthly pass 235 kr
Season pass 2351 kr
10 x entrance tickets 235 kr
Handicap door 10-tour card* 166 kr
Handicap door Monthly pass 189 kr
Summer ticket (period 20. June-14. August 2022) 19 kr


Entrance 59 kr
10-tour card* 442 kr
Monthly pass 464 kr
Season pass 4701 kr
10 x entrance tickets 530 kr
Handicap door 10-tour card* 306 kr
Handicap door Monthly pass 353 kr


(when presenting a valid Danish student card)  
Entrance 30 kr
10-tour card* 230 kr
Monthly pass 235 kr

Senior citizen:

(Folk-, invalids, early retirees and “Efterlønnere”, when presenting a valid documentation)  
Entrance 30 kr
10-tour card* 235 kr
Monthly pass 235 kr
Season pass 2351 kr
10 x entrance tickets 230 kr
Handicap door 10-tour card* 166 kr
Handicap door Monthly pass 190 kr
Companion ticket 5 kr
Companion ticket 10-tour card*  45 kr
Schools and GFO pr. child requisition - educators / teachers are free  
Child pr. requisitions 25 kr
Kindergarten water habituation in children's pool on school days 8:00-12:00. Child pr. Requisition 12 kr

*Price increasing for the inddoor pool follows the general price trend and the increased energy costs. 

Sales of swimming equipment

Sale of swimwear for adults, children and babies.
Sale of towels in two sizes.
Large selection of swim goggles and swim caps.
Bathing shoes for children.
Earplugs, nose clips, makeup remover etc.
Wetsuits for kids, swim fins and lots of other swim gear for kids and adults.

Overview of lanes

Go to the overview os the lanes.

Heres you cane see,what lanes and pools that af free for the public to use.

Opening hours 

Opening hours for the indoor pool at Kildeskovshallen

Here you can find the opening hours of the indoor pool in Kildeskovhallen.